1. Gene Therapy Products


VM507, Helixmith’s leading antibody treatment,
is an antibody that can detect and
activate c-MET (HGF receptor).





Antibody is an immune protein that binds to an antigen to inhibit its activity or stimulate neutralization or activation. Although it is a protein generated in the immune system originally. Antibody is available to be mass-produced, purified, and analyzed into monoclonal antibody, regarding specific antibodies with selectivity and specificity against specific antigens.​

VM507 is an antibody that can detect and activate c-MET, receptor of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF). As a fully human antibody, it has the potential to be safe immunologically, transmissible via blood vessel injection or local injection to other various tissues and organs, and the longer half-life may contribute to improved efficacy.

The c-Met level is especially high in patients with chronic/acute renal disease. VM507 showed therapeutic efficacies such as inhibition of renal fibrosis and improvement of functional index by binding with c-MET receptor in the renal tissue when injected intravenously in the mouse model of renal disease.​



Improvement of renal disease
​ Inhibition of renal fibrosis

01 Administration route and mechanism​

·Capable of selective transmission
intravenously injection or
local injection to various lesions​

· Retaining efficacy for long term
due to longer half-life​

02 Substance characteristics​

·Antibody to detect and activate c-Met,
a receptor of HGF​

·Immune toxicity-free in human application
as a fully human antibody​

Status of clinical trials


Indication Pre-clinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Antibody VM507 Chronic Kidney Disease